Terms and Conditions of Participation for all shows

Applicable to all stakeholders Athletes, Organisers, Service Providers, Sponsors & Spectators


1. Are expected to hold themselves to the highest levels of good conduct / professional standards throughout the competition.
2. Must be punctual, arriving early enough to be available for any last-minute briefings 15 minutes before their allocated times for both prejudging and the main show.
3. Must take direction from PCA backstage managers throughout the show.
4. May not be under any circumstance, be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol whilst competing in the show.
5. Should ensure that intimate body parts are properly covered at all times as nudity is strictly forbidden and would result in the immediate removal of the athlete from the stage or staging area and result in disqualification from the event without refund.
6. May be disqualified without a refund if they are found intentionally damaging property, exhibiting inappropriate behaviour towards athletes, judges, service providers, sponsors or the general public.
7. May not make use of any vulgar language, inappropriate gestures, any form of racisms, gender slander or deformation of another person.


8. The changing areas are off limits to anyone other than the competitors with the exception of one 'same sex designated helper' on the condition that they were registered on registration day and carry the competitor's number or official arm band displayed on their person at all times.
9. Under no circumstance would males ever have justification to enter the females change rooms however if a female wishes to be in the male prepping area this is at her own risk.
10. The only exception to this rule would be in the case of a medical emergency where only a on duty paramedics or medical doctor would with verbal announcement enter the change rooms to attend to a person in distress.


11. The backstage facilities are for athletes and their one designated helper only.
12. No family, friends, or service providers are allowed back stage including but not limited to makeup artists, beauticians, hair stylists, coaches or judges, prep coaches.
13. Security will be posted at entrance of all changing rooms who have mandate to enforce the above.
14. A communal waiting area will be set aside at the venue for all athletes and athlete helpers.
15. A designated area will be set up for makeup artists, hairstylists, beauticians, and tanning facilities.
16. PCA has in exceptional cases the authority to remove or to not allow an athlete to step on stage if it is felt that the athlete has not reached a basic minimum standard required for a competitive athlete.
17. Should an athlete wish to register a same sex.


18. No rub off tan is allowed. This means that athletes aren't allowed to have tan that can rub off on walls curtains etc.
19. Under no circumstance are athlete allowed to use products such as: Deep Heat Spray or Spray and Cook or any products that are similar.
20. Competitors must follow the correct attire for their division/s they are competing in.
21. Jewellery to be worn in good taste, no watches allowed. Only earrings allowed for males and traditional armbands. Earrings, piercings, bracelets and belly jewellery is permitted.
22. Bikini Top to cover area's adequately.
23. Bikini Bottom allowed to be 1/3 of the buttocks, may not resemble a G-string. Must be V shaped, covering the front adequately.
24. Male posing trunks to be any colour and must cover 2/3 of the buttock and cover the front adequality.
25. Board short must be off the rack and must not carry sponsored logo's.
26. Hot pants, can be custom design and may not carry sponsored logo's.


27. Competitors are permitted to use props in their routine, provided that:
27.1 The stage is large enough to practically and safely accommodate the prop.
27.2 It does not pose a safety hazard; and it can be set up and completely removed in under 1 (ONE) minute
27.3 All props will require prior approval by the Organiser of the event at registration & weigh-in.
27.4 No assistants or people as props are allowed backstage.


28. If the Organiser does not receive the music at registration & weigh-in for the division that requires it, the athlete will have to perform without music, or music will be allocated at the discretion of the organiser. Based on time constraint there can be no exceptions.
29. Music is to be cut to the right length. Any music that is too long will be cut off at the maximum time limit. Only CD's are allowed. No memory stick's / flash drives.
30. Music can be with or without words. No swearing or provocative language will be permitted.


31. Competitors agree to be photographed and filmed through the events. All multimedia including but not limited to photographs, audio and video remain the property of PCA SA.
32. All photography and footage will remain the property of PCA SA.
33. Competitors agree that all photography and footage can be used by PCA SA of this event for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes, without compensation to the contestant.
34. Competitors may be required to be available for a photoshoot and possible media interviews before and after the event.
35. No photographers are allowed backstage, unless they are the official photographers / media authorised by the Organiser only.
36. STRICTLY, No SLR cameras or video equipment is allowed. No exceptions.


37. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Organiser could result in the cancellation of prize money or prizes or both.
38. Prize money is not transferable and prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
39. Should the show be cancelled for any reason, the organiser/ sanctioned show owner nor PCA can be held liable for any costs incurred by the athletes.
40. It will remain the prerogative of the PCA Judging panel to place an athlete in the appropriate division based on the condition of the athlete on the day.
41. The Total Prize Fund as advertised comprising of money, prizes or both, is dependent on the support of the sponsors and is thus cannot be guaranteed.
42. The Overall Winners should defend his/her title the following year, bringing the same or better physique.


43. The competitors acknowledge, accept and indemnify the organiser / sanctioned show owner, PCA SA, its service providers and their staff as well as the owners of the venue and their staff who will not be held liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to theft or damage to personal property or personal injury, this for the entire event, from Athletes seminars, through registration, the show itself and any after party that Athletes may be invited to attend.
44. The Organiser reserves the right to add to or amend rules for each sanctioned show as and where required.
45. Non-adherences to the rules and regulations of PCA (SA) could result in disqualification from the show without refund

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