Division Criteria

Mens Physique Model

Known as Men's Cover Model in SA.

(South Africa we could have up to three heights up175cm, up to 178cm & 0ver 178cm).

Judging Criteria

All Men's Physique Classes will be judged on the Athlete having an athletic appearance with, Muscularity, Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation.
Stage presence, etiquette & tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions.
Every aspect of the Athlete’s performance will be judged including skin tone & condition, hair & facial features.


  • Attire will be long board shorts of any colour that do not extend below the knee ensuring there are no logos, motifs or advertisements visible on the shorts.
  • Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewellery is allowed.
  • Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order & stand in line.
  • Athletes will perform quarter turns.
  • Athletes will perform compulsory poses.
  • Athletes will perform individual "I" Walks
  • Athletes may be asked to perform a free style posedown as a group.
  • Athletes will then leave the stage.

Compulsory Quarter Turns:

  • Head must face the same direction as the feet
  • Hands must be held slightly away from the trunk with no clenching of fists
  • No twisting of the torso
  • Feet must be flat on the floor

The compulsory poses are as follows:

  1. Front-Facing, Arms Overhead, Open Handed
  2. *Left Side Showing abdominals & obliques with left hand behind head
  3. Rear-Facing, Arms Overhead, Open Handed
  4. *Right Side Showing abdominals & obliques with right hand behind head

*In side poses the remaining hand can be on or off hips

The "I" Walk will be performed as follows:

  • Athletes will be selected in numerical order
  • The Athlete will commence from rear of the stage with a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will move to the front of stage & again show a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will then perform four quarter turns presenting their own interpretation. In all cases hands can be high or low but must be open handed.
  • The Athlete will the return to the line in numerical order & await direction.
  • The complete "I" Walk should take a maximum of 60 seconds.