Division Criteria

Mens Beach Model (Development)

Please note this is a Development Division and does not hold selections for overseas events.

(In South Africa we could have up to three heights up175cm, up to 178cm & 0ver 178cm).

The required pants is board shorts of any colour. Board shorts must not extend below the knee ensuring there are no logos, motifs or advertisements visible on the shorts. It is of the utmost importance that an athlete clothing remains natural and that no private or sponsored branding is allow on clothing, however stand off the rack board shorts is allowed, for example Nike, Addias, Reebok etc. No Music is needed. Competitors will enter the stage without a shirt and barefoot. One wedding band/ring is permitted. The entire line up will be brought onto the stage in numerical order. Facing the Judges, they will be asked to perform front and back turns. Comparisons can be requested.


Assessing the overall Beach Physique of the male appearance, taking mainly the upper body into account. The assessment being, impression of the physique, condition of the skin and skin tone and also the hair and facial features.

Here we are looking for a Beach Physique athlete a model look alike, as if the athlete has just walked off the beach. Athlete must not be thick in muscular development or striated and must not be as full in muscle as an athletic physique. You need to take into consideration, shape and symmetry combined with overall condition, displaying his personality to the audience and Judges. He must have the ability to present himself with confidence.


  • Attire will be long board shorts of any colour that do not extend below the knee ensuring there are no logos, motifs or advertisements visible on the shorts.
  • Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewellery is allowed.
  • Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order & stand in line.
  • Athletes will perform front and back turns.
  • Athletes will perform compulsory poses.
  • Athletes will perform individual "I" Walks
  • Athletes may be asked to perform a free style posedown as a group.
  • Athletes will then leave the stage.

Compulsory Front and Back Turns:

  • Head must face the same direction as the feet
  • Hands must be held slightly away from the trunk with no clenching of fists
  • No twisting of the torso
  • Feet must be flat on the floor
  • Poses, the remaining hand can be on or off hips

The "I" Walk will be performed as follows

  • Athletes will be selected in numerical order
  • The Athlete will commence from rear of the stage with a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will move to the front of stage & again show a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will then perform four quarter turns presenting their own interpretation. In all cases hands can be high or low but must be open handed.
  • The Athlete will the return to the line in numerical order & await direction.
  • The complete “I” Walk should take a maximum of 60 seconds.