Division Criteria

Couples - Two Rounds (Development)

Please note this is a Development Division and does not hold selections for overseas events.

Couples meaning one female partner and one male partner. Couples division was developed for the couple to experience a unity of two partners on stage, as one towards a common goal and is to gain experience in preparation / diet / attire / presentation / confidence / poise / grace / gymnastics / structured dance.
The athlete will not stain the stage.
The athlete will not stain their routine attire with tan.
Glitter or sparkles is allowed but, No body oil.
They can also do sufficient stretching before the routine.
The Judges will score the couples quality of their routine, and then score on their quarter turns - therefore putting great emphasis on the routine.

Quarter Turn round and Routine Round

1. First the Routine Round

The girls may dress as they deem appropriate in order to perform their routine "theme". The routine will be maximum (2 Minutes) 120 seconds. Hair may be styled and jewellery worn.

NO G-STRINGS or Thongs at all. Not to be worn over garments. Bikini bottoms must cover the bottom area adequately. At all times, the bikini bottom must be worn in a manner that prevents it from slipping between the buttocks to appear like a G STRING OR THONG. Men will wear attire of their choice or according to theme. NO PROPS may be used.

The couple will deliver a good routine of a high standard showing off personality, creativity, dance and/or aerobics with even flow with your partner (unity), flowing into the routine without looking out of place. The tempo of the routine can vary from slow to fast. Couples may wear attire, e.g. Tennis outfit etc. Shoes may be worn to perform their routine as well as barefoot if they so choose.

Assess choreography and use of interpretation.

Does the attire match the music and routine "theme".

Is he and she confident?

Is he and she graceful?

Is the couple a unity?

2. Quarter Turn Round

Couples will wear there attire of the theme round.

The couple will be brought onto the stage in numerical order, they will perform there quarter turns. They will not perform compulsory poses, but will perform the quarter turns only.

The judges will judge each couple on his and her presentation, his and her confidence, hair and makeup, ladies choice of theme to clothing, the tone of their body, their beauty, and the way that they carry themselves.