Division Criteria

Mens Classic Bodybuilding

In larger groups the classes may be split into Tall & Short Classes.
Short Class: Up to & including 173 cm's (5 feet 8 inches)
Tall Class: Over 173.1 cm's

Judging Criteria

Classic Bodybuilding Class will be judged on, Muscularity, Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation.
Judges will reward physiques that best represent a graceful package with all muscle groups flowing from broad shoulders. Athletes should ideally be small at the waist & have powerful legs that tie in & complement the upper body.
Individual Posing Routines will be marked & should be considered by the judges when assessing the athlete’s overall scoring.
Stage presence, etiquette & tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions.

Attire will be posing trunks with no logos or motifs. Thongs are not permitted. Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewellery is allowed.

In the first instance, Athletes will be invited on stage individually to perform their Individual Posing Routines.

Each athlete will be allowed 60 seconds of Individual Free Posing to music of their own choosing. In all instances the music will start playing & the athlete will enter the stage to perform their routine.
To reiterate the entry rules, no music shall have bad language, blasphemy or promote violence.
In the event of a technical problem a music track will be provided by the event organiser.

On completion of the Individual Posing Routines

  • Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order & stand in line.
  • Athletes will perform quarter turns.
  • Athletes will perform compulsory poses.
  • Athletes may be asked to perform a free style posedown as a group.
  • Athletes will then be awarded medals, trophies, Finals invitation etc...
  • Athletes will then leave the stage.

In all instances the athletes will be directed & instructed by the MC, Judges Panel & possibly designated stage helpers.

Quarter Turns:

  • Head must face the same direction as the feet
  • Hands must be held slightly away from the trunk
  • No twisting of the torso
  • Feet must be flat on the floor

The compulsory poses are as follows:

  • Front Double Bicep
  • Front Lat Spread
  • Side Chest*
  • Side Tricep*
  • Rear Double Bicep
  • Rear Lat Spread
  • Abdominals & Thigh
  • Most Muscular
  • Classical interpretation of:
    • Front Pose
    • Side Pose
    • Rear pose

*In most instances the athletes will be asked to show just a single side on the Tricep & Bicep poses but in comparisons they may be invited to specifically show either side individually.

Height vs Weight:

  • Up to and including 168cm - Maximum weight 70kg
  • Up to and including 171cm - Maximum weight 76kg
  • Up to and including 175cm - Maximum weight 82kg
  • Up to and including 180cm - Maximum weight 89kg
  • Up to and including 182cm - Maximum weight 93kg
  • Up to and including 184cm - Maximum weight 95kg
  • Up to and including 186cm - Maximum weight 97kg
  • Up to and including 188cm - Maximum weight 99kg
  • Up to and including 190cm - Maximum weight 102kg