Division Criteria

Ladies Fitness Model (New Division)



This is all new excting female division and will present itself as a valued added divsion in South Africa. This division can overlap with any other female division - meaning you can do another catagory. Giving you the female, more stage time.

(We could have up to three heights up to 163cm, up to 165cm & over 165cm)


Ladies Fitness Model Class will be judged on an athletic trained body promoting a healthy lifestyle. Ladies will be recognisably fit & show evidence of training & body fat will be low. Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation will all be assessed by the judges.


Attire will be a 2 piece outift consiting of a crop top and a hot pants. The outfit can be styled in any manner and must not be decorated with crystals. The outfit  must be of adequate decency and free from all advertising brands. 

Sneakers (takkies) are allowed and there are no restictions. The colour and style of the outfit and sneakers (takkies) will be the competitors own choice. Jewellery can include, earrings, bracelet/s and wedding bands plus other rings, No tiaras or head jewellery. All jewellery are competitors own choice.

Outfit, jewellery & Sneakers (takkies) will not be judged.


All Fitness Models will follow the same format as Bikini Classes:

Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order & stand in line.

Athletes will perform quarter turns.

Athletes will perform a relaxed from and rear pose. 

Athletes will perform individual “I” Walks

Athletes may be asked to perform a free style feminine posedown as a group.

Athletes will then be awarded medals, trophies, Finals invitation etc..

Athletes will then leave the stage

In all instances the athletes will be directed & instructed by the MC or Stage Manager.


Quarter Turns;

Front position- Athlete with one hand on the hip & the other hand off.

(Quarter Turn to the Right)

Side position, left side showing- right leg straight, left leg slightly bent, right hand on the hip, left hand off & pulled back to show waist.

(Quarter Turn to the Right)

Rear facing position- legs open no more than hip width apart, two hands on hips or two hands off, this is the athlete’s choice. No excessive bending forward at the waist.

(Quarter Turn to the Right)

Side position, right side showing- left leg straight, right leg slightly bent, left hand on the hip, right hand off & pulled back to show waist.

(Quarter Turn to the Right)



The “I” Walk will be performed as follows;


Athletes will be selected in numerical order

The Athlete will commence from rear of the stage with a front pose of choice.

The Athlete will move to the front of stage & again show a front pose of choice.

The Athlete will then perform four quarter turns presenting their own interpretation. In all cases hands must be low.

The Athlete will the return to the line in numerical order & await direction.

The complete “I” Walk should take a maximum of 60 seconds.