Division Criteria

Junior Bikini

The age limit to compete in Junior Bikini is 23 and under. For clarification this limit is 23 years and 364 days. This ruling also applies for the British Finals, if an athlete has qualified within that age range but then falls outside by the time the final comes around the athlete is permitted to change class to the open Bikini Toned Class.

Junior Bikini Class will be judged on an athletic body promoting a healthy lifestyle. Ladies will be recognisably fit and show evidence of training muscularly without being excessively defined or dieted. Symmetry, Balance and Proportions, Conditioning and Presentation will all be assessed by the judges.

Stage presence, etiquette and tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions.

  • Attire will be a 2 piece bikini, colour of choice which can be decorated with crystals. 
  • A much thinner cut is allowed at the back of the bottom costume as long as it does not represent a G-String. 
  • The bikini must be of adequate decency, with frontal areas sufficiently covered. 
  • High heel shoes are to be worn with a small platform sole permitted no greater than 1cm thickness with a 5 inch heel - 12.7cm maximum (The recommend sole height is for the safety of our members and appropriate height classes). The colour and style of the shoes will be the competitors own choice.
  • Jewellery can include, earrings, bracelet/s and wedding bands plus other rings.
  • No tiaras or head jewellery.
  • All jewellery are competitors own choice.

All Ladies Bikini Classes will follow the same format:

  • Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order and stand in line.
  • Athletes will perform quarter turns.
  • Athletes will perform compulsory poses.
  • Athletes will perform individual "I" Walks
  • Athletes may be asked to perform a free style feminine pose-down as a group.
  • Athletes will then be awarded medals, trophies, Finals invitation etc...
  • Athletes will then leave the stage

In all instances the athletes will be directed and instructed by the MC or Stage Manager.

Quarter Turns

  • Front position - Athlete with one hand on the hip & the other hand off. (Quarter Turn to the Right)
  • Side position, left side showing - right leg straight, left leg slightly bent, right hand on the hip, left hand off and pulled back to show waist. (Quarter Turn to the Right)
  • Rear facing position - legs open no more than hip width apart, two hands on hips or two hands off, this is the athlete's choice. No excessive bending forward at the waist. (Quarter Turn to the Right)
  • Side position, right side showing - left leg straight, right leg slightly bent, left hand on the hip, right hand off and pulled back to show waist. (Quarter Turn to the Right)

The "I" Walk will be performed as follows:

  • Athletes will be selected in numerical order
  • The Athlete will commence from rear of the stage with a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will move to the front of stage and again show a front pose of choice.
  • The Athlete will then perform four quarter turns presenting their own interpretation. In all cases hands must be low.
  • The Athlete will the return to the line in numerical order and await direction.
  • The complete "I" Walk should take a maximum of 60 seconds.