Division Criteria

Fittest Family (Development)

Please note this is a Development Division and does not hold selections for overseas events.

This is a very unique division and gives the opportunity for family's to step on stage no matter what the ages are. Family meaning for example; Husband and Wife with one or more kids, Women with one or more kids or Man with one or more kids. The family may choose a theme of their own as long as it's in good taste. The family will be asked to step on stage and face the judges. The family will be required to do there 60 second routine. Props are allowed but this needs to be approved by the chief judge at Registration. No props will be allowed without prior authorization as we are limited on space and need to keep the safety in consideration for all athletes and spectators.

What do we look for?

The family need to remember that this is a crowd pleaser division with the main emphasis is on family health. We will be looking for unity in the routine along with a healthy look. We will access this division with a 50/50 split. 50% Physique and 50% Routine. Taking into consideration the costume / theme, music and overall presentation along with stage presence and confidence of the family.