Division Criteria

Mens Bodybuilding

Novice, Juniors, Classic or Men's Body Building, all follow the same criteria except for weight or height restrictions may vary per different division.

Depending on the volume of athletes for:

Novice men, there will either just be one line up or two, namely under 75Kg and over 75Kg.
Juniors could be under 18 years, under 21 & under 23 years (under 75Kg & over 75Kg) or can all be combined to form one junior division.

Senior Men Divisions can be in the following weight classes but not limited to:

  • Under 60kg
  • Under 65kg
  • Under 70Kg
  • Under 75kg
  • Under 80Kg
  • Under 85kg
  • Under 90Kg
  • Under 95kg
  • Under 100Kg
  • Over 100Kg

Masters over 40 Years and Veterans over 50 Years,
For example, if a Masters turns 40 years old on the year of competing he will be classed as a Master. The athlete may decide to do open senior classes or Masters, depending on the show it is up to the discretion of the show promoter to decide if the athlete is allowed to do both divisions.

Please note Proof of Identity will be required when at registration and Weigh-in.

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Judging Criteria

All Bodybuilding classes will be judged on, Muscularity, Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation.
Stage presence, etiquette & tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions.

All Men's Bodybuilding Classes will follow the same format:

  • Attire will be posing trunks with no logos or motifs. Thongs are not permitted.
  • Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewellery is allowed.
  • Athletes will enter on-stage in numerical order & stand in line.
  • Athletes will perform quarter turns.
  • Athletes will perform compulsory poses.
  • Athletes will perform individual posing routines for overseas events only.
  • Athletes may be asked to perform a free style posedown as a group.
  • Athletes will then be awarded medals, trophies, Finals invitation etc...
  • Athletes will then leave the stage.

In all instances the athletes will be directed & instructed by the MC or Stage Manager.

Quarter Turns:

  • Head must face the same direction as the feet
  • Hands must be held slightly away from the trunk
  • No twisting of the torso
  • Feet must be flat on the floor

Eight Compulary Poses

  1. Front Double Bicep
  2. Side Chest
  3. Front Lat Spread
  4. Side Tricep
  5. Rear Double Bicep displaying best calf
  6. Rear Lat Spread displaying best calf.
  7. Abdominals and thigh (Locking both hands on the head)
  8. Most Muscular

How do we assess a Bodybuilding Divisions?

The Judges will look for:

  • Proportion
  • Definition
  • Symmetry
  • Conditioning
  • Balance
  • Striations
  • Effectiveness of tan
  • Presentation
  • Confidence
  • Wide shoulders and narrow waist
  • The upper body and the lower body should be in good balance, proportional to each other
  • Lat connection should be low into the waist
  • Calves should be full
  • Overall depth of muscle (quality, thickness)

Individual Posing Routines

Only for Overseas Events - Excludes South Africa

Each athlete will be allowed 60 seconds of Individual Free Posing to music of their own choosing. In all instances the music will start playing & the athlete will enter the stage to perform their routine.
To reiterate the entry rules, no music shall have bad language, blasphemy or promote violence.
In the event of a technical problem a music track will be provided by the event organiser.

Height Classes

(This would be for Overseas only)

South Africa will remain on the weight categories and will revert to height as below once you are selected to compete in an overseas event.

The Height Requirements for Overseas are as follows:

Mr Class 4 - 5 ft 6 inches or under (Under 167cm)
Mr Class 3 - 5 ft 6.1 inches to 5 ft 8 inches (167.1cm to 173cm)
Mr Class 2 - 5 ft 8.1 inches to 5 ft 10 inches (173.1 cm to 179cm)
Mr Class 1 - 5 ft 10.1 inches & over (179.1 cm & over)