Roxanne Mc Lachlan

    Roxanne Mc Lachlan

Full Name:
Roxanne Mc Lachlan
Contact Number:
Years in Fitness:
6 years training / 1.5 years competing
  • PCA Miss Diva Extravaganza 2016 - Novice Fitness Bikini under 163cm 1st place; PCA Mis Diva Extravaganza - Open Class Fitness Bikini under 163cm 1st place
  • PCA Union Cup UK Wales 2016 - Trained Bikini short class 1st place
  • PCA BodyPower Superseries Pro/Am 2017 - Bikini Pro 5th place PCA Battle of the Titans V 2017 - Fitness bikini under 163cm 1st place
  • PCA Battle of the Titans V 2017 - Overall female fitness Bikini 1st place
  • PCA Bikini Pro Card awarded - July 2017
Off Season Weight:
In Season Weight:
54kg (stage weight)
Favourite Diet Food:

Egg whites and oats blended and fried into pancakes topped with Oh'Megas almond or peanut butter and chocolate whey paste!

Favourite Cheat Meal:

Mc Donald's Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and an Oreo McFlurry

Favourite Exercise:


Services Offered:

Posing classes for bikini athletes.

Your Motto in Life:

In life, we only regret the chances we didn't take, so no matter the experience there is always a lesson to be learnt.