Cobus van der Merwe

    Cobus van der Merwe

Full Name:
Cobus van der Merwe
Contact Number:
Years in Fitness:
24 years
  • 2 X IFBB H/W and Overall Provinsial winner.
  • 2 X IFBB Super H/W winner.
  • IFBB Muscle Mania H/W winner.
  • IFBB Boksburg Classic H/W and over all winner.
  • IFBB M&M classic H/W and over all winner.
  • IFBB H&H classic H/W and over all winner.
  • IFBB Worlds Super H/W silver medal winner.
  • IFBB Amateur Africa Olympia H/W and over All winner.
  • IFBB Arnold Classic Africa Mens Pro open Division 12th and 11th place
  • PCA Golden Times mens Pro division 8th Place.
Off Season Weight:
In Season Weight:
Favourite Diet Food:

Topside Mince and Pineapple

Favourite Cheat Meal:

Rocomamas Burgers

Favourite Exercise:

BB Shrugs

Services Offered:
  • Online coaching
  • Guest Posing
  • Seminars
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Mental Strength coaching
  • "Train with a Pro" sessions
Your Motto in Life:

"I refuse to be average."