Division Criteria


How does the selection process work?

You can Qualify for Provincial Championships through any of the following events below,

Western Cape – 29th June / Nutri-Con Battle of the Titans VII (This will also hold PCA PRO Selections)
Border – 6th July / Queens Grand Prix
Kwazulu Natal – Cancelled / Athletes need to attend the H&H Body Building & Fitness Championships in Gauteng
Gauteng – 20th July / H&H Body Building & Fitness Championships
Eastern Cape - 27th July / Nelson Mandela Bay Body Building and Fitness Championships

Once you have hopefully been selected through one of the above events in your area, you will then compete against South African regions at the PCA South African Championshipos held on the 17th August 2019 in Gauteng. (go to our upcoming events for more information on this)

Our South African Championships will then hold selections for Overseas International competitions.